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In the Mohamed and Ali’s camp I was at home. Their home, safely and beautifully hidden among desert dunes, was my home. They did not need to tell me that- it was simple, warm as bread baked in the fire, bright as the Saharan sun. Each of the thousands of stars that lighted the camp at night certainly will confirm it.


Chigaga is a magical place where time flows differently, the stars are closer to us and the water actually becomes gold. Nomad Camp is a fantastic place where you can spend a good time. Mohamed and the rest of the team will always entertain everybody, bake tasty bread and sing all night by the fire. The desert is a special place but if you put one foot there, it will later long for that sand, and your eyes will yearn for the view.



I've stayed in this camp for a week and I can surely recommend it. This is not a hotel, it's a desert nomadic camp, run by Mohammed and his family, who are great people, friendly and caring of the tourists. The stay is surprisingly comfortable, the camel tents are good protection from the sun and the traditional Moroccan food served is fantastic! You can go for a trek or climb a dune Chigega, Which is just round the corner :) Go there if you want to taste a real desert adventure in good, safe hands of our Berber friends :)


There is a difference between place and space. Chigaga is a space created not only by the film dunes, sand, sun, terrain undulations and spectacular skies, but filtered through people - Berbers, for whom you are a friend, not a tourist, unique tale, not just a story with contacts and wallet. You can go to different places. However, this space is unique and transformative. I was there and I will return there. That space is still with me.



2 weeks in Morocco and the desert gave me energy for the next six months in the world of offices, phone calls and business meetings. In the desert resting is real. And the sky like there you can’t find anywhere else in the world!


I have already visited Mohamed and his camp twice and I will be definitely returning to them regularly. Their hospitality, thoughtfulness, musicality, amazing cuisine and the ability to solve any problem without unnecessary stress, combined with the magic of the desert, countless stars and a unique Saharan wind, that's all you need to recharge the batteries and catch distance to everyday problems.