Everything you need to know about Nomad Camp

What is the temperature In the Sahara?
I think I will never fully understand why asking me that question. We really do not carry the thermometer with us, because even without it we still know it is quite warm. But specially for you, we checked it- from October to April the average temperature is 25-30° C (68-77° F). In the summer it is much warmer - 45° C (115° F). In the winter, at night the temperature drops to a few degrees above zero (in summer we do not have such a problem). Remember, however, that because of the very low humidity and specific nature, perceptible temperatures are very different than in European cities (heat is not so severe, but the dryness can give you a hard time). Long story short- you have to check it out for yourself!
Are there scorpions in the Sahara?
Yes. There is such a species of arachnids. They are quite rare and very pretty. You should also know that firstly, during the tourist season (October-April), most scorpions sleeps, secondly, scorpions are more afraid of humans than humans are of scorpions (significant difference in size!) So they rather dart away from you than on you to bite. Even if it does bite us - we know how to deal with it. In the end, we were born and raised here, in the wilderness!
What should I take for the trip?
Good humour, an open mind and the camera is the must - views in every part of Morocco are breathtaking! It is also useful to equip yourself with some protection from the sun, suitable footwear and clothing for different weather conditions (even in the desert can rain, and at night it’s sometimes cold!). Generally ,our trips do not require any special equipment, and a detailed list of things that you might need for your maximum comfort, we will determine together when you decide on the length and type of trip.
How to protect myself from the sun?
If you are a Berber a turban is more than enough. In another case, the matter is a little bit more complicated. Your skin and eyes probably are not as well prepared for the sunshine as ours. We strongly recommend sun creams with high factor (SPF 30-50), good headgear (covering the ears and neck too), breathable clothing with long sleeves and a good pair of sunglasses. If you are sensitive to the heat, we also recommend a small packet of electrolytes pills to replenish lost minerals.
How much does it cost?
Our Polish friends used to repeat that "money does not bring happiness." I fully agree with them, but even they like to know the price before a major purchase. The costs of our Moroccan trips depends inter alia on the type and length of the route, the means of transport, the size of the group. Let us know what your dreams are, and we will prepare for you an estimated cost. Experience shows us that we can plan your trip on almost any given budget.
How can I reach your camp?
If you like to travel alone, you only want to go to the Sahara with us, we can meet in Mhamid. You'll get there a regular bus service which runs several times a day from many directions. Taxi services on this route also are not too expensive. If you are travelling by car, in the "contact part" you will find a map and a GPS leads. At the starting points of our other expeditions you can also arrive by taking public transport. However, if you enjoy travelling comfortably or in a larger group, we can organize transportation from any location in Morocco. Tell us what you need and we can meet your needs!
Is there a reception in the camp?
And why do you need reception? :) But seriously - depending on the type of your phone and your roaming, cell coverage is good or at least sufficient for basic communication. Sometimes you just have to climb the dune and show a little patience. But do not hope for long chatting or Facebook stalking. We honestly do not recommend it – you should experience Sahara with all its silence, magic and remoteness from everyday life. For restless – in case of any mishaps we always have at least one phone able to connect with the world in all circumstances. We also have a small generator, which allows us to run kitchens and provides power in emergency situations. A camp at night is lighted by the stars, fire and dozens of networks!
When is the best time to visit Morocco?
In our opinion, Morocco is always perfect to visit - as often and for as long as possible. It's a great country, rich in extraordinary nature, oriental culture, excellent food and wonderful, bright people. If you do not like too much heat, the best season for you will be late autumn and winter (October -January) and early spring (late February - May). In summer we recommend trips to the ocean and mountains, and discourage the Sahara tours- at that time, even for us it is too hot.