Nomad Camp

The Nomad Camp is a family campground...

About me

My name is Mohamed Boulfrifi. I was born and raised in the desert, where with my family, we ran a traditional nomadic life.

When I was eight years old, I moved to M'hamid - the city-grown from the great oasis, which today is the last outpost of civilization on the way to the heart of the Sahara.

The life in M'hamid is much easier than in the desert – it’s much easier to get water and food here, we have electricity, Internet and roads. But deep in my heart I will always be a Nomad. My house was and will be in the Sahara. Here I feel free, here I can be myself and give the very best of me.

Ali sahara

About Nomad Camp

The Nomad Camp was founded in 2008 thanks to the meticulous work and help of many good people. The Camp itself is located 55 km west of M'hamid, right under the foot of Chigaga - one of the two highest Moroccan dunes.

The Nomad Camp is a family campground. I run it together with my younger brother Ali. He's a great musician and a chef who knows the camp and its surroundings like the back of his hand. When we organize trips for larger groups, our cousins and friends help us with work- they work as cooks, guides, drivers. Each of them is a true-born Berber and has nomadic roots. You can be sure that while trekking, they will find the right route even at night or during a sand storm, they are able to subdue every camel, pitch the tents and prepare a cup of tea before you untie your shoes, and in the evening, by the campfire, they will put on the memorable concert of traditional Berber music. The same team organizes treks along the Atlantic and expeditions in the High Atlas mountains. A visit to the camp can be a beautiful finale of such a trip.

The camp has everything that is needed to comfortably spend time and nothing that would interfere real contact with the wild Sahara. We made our best to comfortably Set accommodations tents, so you can feel like in a cozy cottage. We also have a huge "social" tent, where we serve traditional Berber meals. There is also a kitchen with all the necessary facilities and unique Saharan bathroom. At night, the base is lighted by the bonfire and dozens of lanterns. From M'hamid to our base you can get on your feet (min. 3 days of trekking), by camel or jeep. Regardless of the chosen method, if you want to see the desert, mountains or ocean, we will be your guides and organize everything you need to live through your own Moroccan adventure.