To the top of the Atlas

The High Atlas mountain chain is the spectacular mountain range that can arouse association with the European Alps...

To the top of the High Atlas

The expedition to the mountains, is the offer for both experienced and novice walkers. We have prepared for you two options for trips of varying difficulty. However, the High Atlas Mountains offer many more opportunities for trekking.

If you have other dreams, you want to test your strength on a particular route - we are open for your suggestions. With your imagination and our knowledge of the Moroccan mountains we can prepare the trip of your dreams.



Six-day trekking, with culminating point at the entrance to the Toubkal (4167 m), the highest peak in North Africa.

Day 1 - Marrakech - Imlil - Tacheddirt
Your journey begins at the hotel in Marrakech. The set-off is early in the morning, so we can get as soon as possible to Imlil, a small town, which is a base for many mountain climbers. From here we go to the mountains in the company of our mules. Taking the route along the valley, passing Tizi N'Tamatert (2279 m) , we finally reach Tacheddirt (3000 m), where we camp by the river.

Day 2 - Tacheddirt - Azib Likemt
After crossing the valley we start climbing slowly to Tizi Likemt (3555 m) which offers a unique view of the Toubkal . From the top we go to Azib Likemt village where we camp.

Day 3 - Azib Likemt - Amsouzert
It's a day full of varied views. From the top of Tizi Ououraine (3120 m) we have the possibility to see Toubkal , Ifni and the Dome (3876 m) . The trail leads to Amsouzert- a small mountain village where we spend the night.

Day 4 - Amsouzert - Ifni Lake
That day we get to Ifni Lake, the only lake in the mountains, very deep and surrounded by rocky mountains. We get there in the middle of the day to be able to relax on the beach and calmly set up camp.

Day 5 - Ifni Lake - Toubkal Refuge
On this day we begin our climb to the Toubkal . This is the most difficult day of hiking . We climb a steep path that will lead us to Tizi n'Ouanoums (3664 m) And then to Nelter Hut where we spend the night .

Day 6 - Refuge - Toubkal Summit - Imlil
To the top we set off before dawn to be sure of the best conditions and time to admire the spectacular views of the High Atlas. The road to the top takes us 2-3 hours. From the top we go towards the base and continiue our way back, through the charming village of Sidi Chamharouch, Aremd, Mizan until Imlil. On the seventh day we return to Marrakech.


Day 1 - Imlil (1740 meters) - Tizi Mezig (2480 m) - Tizi Ousem (1980 m)
The tour, despite the 600 m difference in altitude, leads along a gentle trail through mountain villages where you can observe the traditional Berber life. We are accompanied by mules, always offering their backs if you or any of your companions feel excessive fatigue.

Day 2 - Tizi Ousse (1850 m) - Tizi Ntachete (2200 m) - Imi Ourhlad Imsker (1650 meters)
On that day we wander through the picturesque valley of Azzaden, through many charming villages to the hill of Tizi n'Tachete. From there, by Tizi n'Lbour we trek till we reach Imsker village in the valley Imnan. There we spend the night.

Day 3 - Imsker (1650 m) - Ikkis - Tamguist - Wanskra (2100 meters)
On this day we go through the valley of Imnen and we visit the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, which is another opportunity to haspy a little on Berber lifestyle. We spend the night in Berber camp or cottage in Wabskra .

Day 4 - Wanskra - Tizi n'Tamatert (2280 m) - Imlil (1740 meters)
We take an easy approach to the local "Chamonix". The route passes Tamatart band between the two valleys of Imlil and Imenane with panoramic views of the two mountains: Oukeimden (3230 m) and Mezig (2700 m) Day finishes in the village of Imlil.

From Marrakech to Imlil and back you can get on your own using public transport. If you prefer private transport, we can provide you with one and meet you already in Marrakesh at your hotel.