Into sahara

You can experience Sahara in a traditional nomadic style or less extremely, by reaching the base by car...

Into Sahara

To truly explore the Sahara we offer the nomadic style or in more stationary way.

Stationary, it means in our base of the Nomad Camp at the bottom of the Erg Chigaga, where we get off-road vehicle and where you can spend one or more days using the numerous attractions. This nomadic style means wandering with caravan by day and spending nights in the desert. Whichever option you choose, a visit to the Sahara will give you the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views, exploring limitless dunes and sleeping under the most starry sky in the world.



We invite you to our camp for as long as you need. Here, you can find peace, extraordinary surroundings of the dunes, a friendly atmosphere and safe environment to get away from it all and relax.

We guarantee a comfortable accommodation, traditional Berber meals made by ourselves in the unique Saharan kitchen, transport from M'hamid (or any other city in Morocco) and back. During your stay in the camp you are entertained by different things: a camel ride, a trip to one of the highest Moroccan dunes Chigaga, sandboarding, a trip to the Iriqui Lake etc .. In the evening you have the opportunity to listen to Berber music and discuss about the life of nomads.


Trekking with camels

Hiking with the caravan gives you the opportunity to experience the diversity of landscapes of the desert, meet with Nomad inhabitants of Sahara, and above it all, plunge into the simple lifestyle dating back centuries.

The road from M'hamid where our caravan set off from, to the base of the Nomad Camp takes 3 days. This journey helps you to break away from reality and gain a new perspective on many issues.

Every day trek starts around 8:30, when the sun is still low. We travel till noon- the hottest time of the day, when we have break for lunch in the shades. In the afternoon we march further till our next camp place. Daily, we hike a total of 5-7h of walking on flat and usually paved ground so the joy of caravan riding can be experiences by everyone, even the novice walker or a child. All camp equipment during the day is carried by camels, so you need not to worry about the weight of baggage. If necessary, you can also get on the "Camelback" and rest your tired legs.

The caravan trip can take a group of 2 to 20 people. The three-day trek to the Nomad Camp is our basic offer. In the camp you can spend any amount of days and return to civilization by jeep. It is also possible to return by the caravan, along a different route. We also offer longer trekking across the Sahara - a month inclusive !!! However, taking into the consideration that "in the desert everything is possible" longer than monthly stays are also real. If your imagination comes up with some other extreme adventures - we take up the gauntlet. Contact us to plan the trip of your life!