Along the ocean shores

A few days trekking along the Atlantic coast is an opportunity to experience the nomad lifestyle...

Along the ocean coast

During this trip we go in the caravan along the scenic coastal ocean from Sidi Kaouki to Imsouane. This Six-day adventure is an opportunity to experience the Nomadic lifestyle at the junction of two extremes - the biggest hot desert in the world and the Atlantic Ocean.

The route passes along ancient merchant route through fishing villages, beautiful beaches, argan forests and monuments of Orient. This is the time of various adventures - from reflective nomadic wandering surrounded by the spectacular scenery and nights spent by the fire, through meetings with the inhabitants of the coast, to the lively avant-garde Essaouira.


Day 1 - Sidi Kaouki - Sidi M'Barek

The journey starts from Sidi Kaouki, a small famous coastal village which is the Moroccan Mecca for surfers. Our 6 hour trek leads along the beach, through the cliffs, dunes and argan forest. At the end of the day we camp at the waterfall, where you can take a refreshing freshwater shower.

Day 2 - Sidi M'Barek - Iftane

That day, during the 5-hour trek we traverse costal cliffs, forests and ranch areas. We have the opportunity to meet local fishermen and explore the surrounding caves. We camp in Iftane.

Day 3 - Iftane - Tafedna

We set off from Iftane for 6-hour journey across beaches, through forests and fishing villages. By the end of the day we reach the port town Tafedna.

Day 4 - Tafedna - Timizguida Ouftas

The continuation of our nostalgic journey, 6 hours for that day, along the ocean coast.

Day 5 - Timizguida - Imsouane

A day full of panoramic views from the ridges of golden dunes at the vastness of the blue ocean. We camp on the beach, near Imsouane.

Day 6 - Imsouane - Essaouira

That day finishes our trekking with the tour of Imsouane. On our way back, we go by car (4x4 or minibus). We visit a farm producing argan oil, and the day finishes in Essaouira, a city where tradition mixes with modernity, for centuries attracting artists from around the world. Essaouria is also the music capital of Gnaoua and the proud owner of a unique medina, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.